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April’s New Moon in Aries 2022 is a moment to reset your life

April’s New Moon in Aries 2022 is a moment to reset your life

Our April New Moon arrives early this month – on the 1st in fact.

It reaches its least visible point at 5:24pm AEDT on 1 April, bringing forth the new month with dark but promising skies. And preparing us to bid farewell to Daylight Saving time and welcome the darker months of the year.

This New Moon arrives in the fire sign of Aries. As the first sign in the zodiac, this truly is a Moon that celebrates new beginnings. Of course, New Moons are always a moment of reset – representing the close of one Moon Cycle, and the opening of the next.

But with this placement in Aries, more so than ever this Moon is a moment to clean house (as they say).

What to expect from the April New Moon in Aries

During this New Moon period, the Moon joins the Sun and also messenger planet Mercury to sit in Aries.

With three major bodies all sitting in the sign of the ram, Aries will colour the energy we feel from this event. As such, if there was a theme for this Moon, it would be ‘boldness’.

Aries is brash, unapologetic, fiery and quintessentially bold. And you’d expect nothing less from the first sign of the zodiac. A courageous leader, a high-energy personality and driven arbiter, Aries offers a special kind of inspiring energy.

We can expect to feel the influence of this sign on both sides of ourselves given the Sun and Moon’s Aries placement. With the Sun ruling our outer selves and the Moon ruling our inner selves, you’ll feel invigorated on both fronts.

As New Moons are a moment for change and rebirth, an Aries placement is fortuitous. Change is not always comfortable or pleasant, and it is to feel uninspired, especially if the change you need to make is a difficult one.

But Aries acts like a lightning rod for vibrant and bold energy. Its ‘act first, ask questions later’ kind of energy will serve you well at this time, helping you to bite the bullet and take a leap of faith.

In order to set yourself up for success for the coming Moon Cycle, its important to plant your seeds of intention now and rid yourself of the things that don’t serve you. If you’re normally someone who is adverse to transitions, allow Aries to help take that step. It will be for the best, if you only let it.

It’s worth noting that New Moons are also typically the best times to manifest for the future. Encourage and draw in the energy you wish to attract. Write down your goals and take a moment to feel inspired by tapping into that notorious Aries ambition.

Of course, be sure to remember that Aries is a hot-headed sign. Don’t speak words of anger, lest you say something you don’t mean and can’t take back. Now is not the time to give into aggression, or it will be a dominating theme of the Moon Cycle to come. If you’re feeling emotional, the best approach is to take a step back before you respond.

Which signs are affected most?

As with any New Moon there are always some signs are more affected than others. And while we are currently free from any major planetary retrogrades, that doesn’t mean there aren’t pitfall to watch out for.

Normally, this would be a difficult time for dreamy Pisces who often finds the brashness of Aries at odds with its peaceful and creative way of operating. But with the current placements of both Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, their is some of their own native energy flowing through to offer them balance.

Instead, Cancer is one of the most affected signs. Delicate and sensitive, Cancer’s gentle constitution is often offended by the ostentatiously assertive energy of Aries. Remember to try and not take things too personally and that most people have good intentions, even if their delivery isn’t always soft.

Taurus is typically also not a fan of Aries energy. Lovers of cosiness, relaxation and all things beautiful, the boldness of Aries can often feel like an unwelcome disruption to the perfectly-curated and slow-made world of Taurus. The best advice is to practise tolerance – and who knows, leaning into your more energetic side can help introduce to new experiences.

Lastly, our Aries friends will also be particularly affect. So many Aries placements do have the affect of making those born under this sign feel particularly comfortable – perhaps too comfortable. Aries is a passionate sign, and often that passion translates to aggression. You run the risk of letting the worst sides of yourself out for all to see. Try to maintain a balance and not let your feeling run away with you.



Photo by Siim Lukka on Unsplash

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