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June’s Super Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius will feel especially intense 2022

June’s Super Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius will feel especially intense 2022

June Super Moon Full Moon 2022

Our June Full Moon arrives at the halfway point of the month, on 14th.

It reaches its fullest point at 9:51pm AEST – and this Full Moon is no ordinary one. It is the first Super Moon of the year. So, if you can brave the bitter June cold, it will be well worth stepping outside to look.

Your best view will come earlier in the evening as it rises in the sky. This will be when it appears to be at its biggest and brightest.

June’s Full Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon. It’s named as such because this is typically the last Full Moon of spring or the first of summer in the Northern Hemisphere – and this is the time when the strawberries are ready for harvest! It’s considered a time of abundance.

For those who find themselves particularly affected by astrological events will find this Moon particularly intense. While the planet of communication, Mercury has just finished its most recent retrograde, our rule-loving Saturn has just commenced its backwards spin through the sky. And when you consider that this is a Super Moon to boot, emotions will be running high.


What is a Super Moon?

There is a little bit of debate around what is a Super Moon and what isn’t. This is why you’ll find some sources quoting that there are four Super Moons this year and some saying there are just two.

Astrologer Richard Nolle defined a Super Moon in 1979 as one that is within 90 percent of its perigee – or 90 percent of its closest point to Earth. Even some of the NASA community use this definition. This definition would count June and July as having Super Moons.

The second definition comes from astronomer Fred Espenak who accounts for changes in the Moon’s orbit when making calculations. And so, this would count both May and August’s Full Moons as Super Moons, in addition to June and July.

Either way, a Super Moon is a Full Moon where the Moon is closer to Earth than normal. It therefore appears roughly 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter. And for those who follow astrology, its affects will feel proportionally more intense. Like the effects of a regular Full Moon on steroids.


What to expect from the June Super Moon in Sagittarius?

Full Moons are the peak of each Moon Cycle. Think of this as the crest of the energetic bell curve that has defined the current period. All of the current theme will reach a point of climax and the underlying forces at work are revealed in a moment of increased clarity and illumination. This is also the time to reap the fruits of any manifestations sown during the New Moon.

Arriving in the carefree sign of Sagittarius, this Moon comes with the same energetic and spontaneous buoyancy that emanates from this Fire sign. Ever the explorer of the zodiac, Sagittarius is bold, funny and always the life of the party. Their lax attitude for rules and responsibility tends to be overlooked by those around them in light of their intoxicating personalities and their preference for warm-hearted bear hugs.

Of course we need to consider here Saturn’s retrograde which began on 5th June. It’s of particular relevance at this time as Saturn Retrograde is typically felt as a period of rebellion. Saturn loves a carefully laid plan and rigid structure of rules. But of course, the rulebook gets tossed out the window when this planet goes into retrograde. Given that anytime a rule book is torn to shreds, it’s usually Sagittarius’s idea, this Full Moon will feel intensely unrestrained.

Forget having a filter and saying no to that next drink, both the Moon in Sagittarius and Saturn in retrograde will be practically begging you throw caution to the wind and live. Just remember that all actions have consequences.

It’s cathartic to let loose from time to time, just try to keep your wits about you when you do.


Which signs are affected most?

There are a few signs that will be more affected in by this rather peculiar set of astrological circumstances.

Naturally, Sagittarius will be taking this opportunity to live their life out loud. This sign will be bolder and more dramatic than ever. This Full Moon they will show everyone around them exactly why its so much fun having a Sagittarius in your life.

But even perhaps more than the Saggies, it will be the Pisceans that will be feeling like a fish very much in water. You wouldn’t normally pick this Water sign as one to vibe with the energy given of by a Fire sign. But Pisces share the same distaste for rules and processes as Sagittarius. As one of the most expressive and psychic signs of the zodiac, rules tend to stifle the creativity of Pisces and this mood of rebellion will light up their artistic side.

Likewise, Aries will feel at home during this time. Raw and passionate, a little bit of chaos is considered a healthy balance for Aries. Boredom is a mood killer for this Fire sign, and it will relish the unbridled and unfiltered energy swirling around this Moon.

Of course, spare a thought for the poor Earth signs.

Taurus having been recently and rudely turfed out of its native season as the Sun moved into Gemini, now has to deal with all the party animals attempting to rip them out of the comforts of their perfectly curated home. And in the middle of winter too!

Meanwhile, ever-organised Virgo will be stressed to no end that their best laid plans have fallen to the wayside. No one is showing up for your planning meetings and no one is arriving to the group dinner on time. Prepare yourself.

And then there’s Capricorn, the hardest worker of them all. By in large, the energy and inclination of those around you will be to reject work in favour of fun. Unfortunately, you can’t force others to work to your schedule – and honestly this could be a good opportunity for you to blow off some steam too.



Image: Photo by malith d karunarathne on Unsplash

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