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Every Full Moon in 2023 and what to expect

Every Full Moon in 2023 and what to expect

The energetic climax of a Moon Cycle, Full Moons occur when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth in its entire polarity to the Sun. It’s a deeply spiritual time for many of us as the Moon rules over our inner selves and its astrological placement can impact the energy we feel at this time.

Full Moons are also a time of illumination, with the undercurrents and themes of the current lunation coming to the surface allowing for a moment of transformation and release. It’s also the time that the fruits of any manifestations may be ready for harvest. And of course, as the energetic peak of the current Moon Cycle, we can feel more sensitive to the world around us – emotional, angry or even invigorated.

For some of us, living in tune with the Moon Cycles and retrograde patterns brings peace and abundance – especially since 2023 brings us 13 Full Moons. For others, the Full Moon is just an opportunity to see a pretty skyscape. Either way, find here, a list of the full moons in 2023, the star sign they fall in and what to expect.


7 January 10:07 am – Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

This Moon will be a Micro Full Moon, where the Moon is its furthest point from Earth. A deeply emotional Full Moon. Water sign, Cancer imbues this moon with its sensitivities and perceptiveness.


6 February 5:28 am – Full Snow Moon in Leo

Another Micro Full Moon, the energetic peak with this Moon comes courtesy of Leo and its high-intensity and life-of-the-party take on life.


7 March 11:40 pm – Full Worm Moon in Virgo

The Sunday reset of Full Moons, Virgo brings out our earth sides and with a burst of mental urges us to declutter our lives of the things that no longer serve us.


6 April 2:34 pm – Full Pink Moon in Libra

This Moon will be able balance and heightened communication thanks to Air sign Libra


6 May 3:34 am – Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

Arriving with a lunar eclipse in tow, this Moon promises to be intense, intimate and passionate. And we’d expect nothing less from a Moon in Scorpio.


4 June 1:41 pm – Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius

Be ready to embrace spontaneity, because Sagittarius’s influence will have the best laid plans in tatter before the night is through.


3 July 9:38 pm – Full Buck Moon in Capricorn

Offering a moment of renewed clarity, the energy from this Moon will have us ready to throw ourselves head first into meaningful pursuits.


2 August 4:31 am – Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

The first Super Moon of the year, as such it will be more intense than the others. Aquarius dares us to dive into our cerebral sides and experience life outside the box.


31 August 11:35 am – Full Blue Moon in Pisces

Possibly the most significant Full Moon of the year. This Super Moon is also a Blue Moon – the second Full Moon in a calendar month. It comes at the close of the season and in Pisces of all signs. Pisces is the mystic of the Zodiac, a dreamer with a heightened sense of intuitiveness. This Moon will be a transformative one.


29 September 7:57 pm – Full Harvest Moon in Aries

Fire and passion should be expect during this Full Moon. Aries never does things in halves.You’re all in or you’re out.


29 October 7:24 am – Full Hunter’s Moon in Taurus

Bringing with it a Lunar Eclipse, this Moon asks us to pause and bask in the beauty of creature comforts. Take a moment to appreciate the finer things in life.


27 November 8:16 pm – Full Beaver Moon in Gemini

Now is not the time to disclose secrets because Gemini’s energy will make us unable to hold them in confidence. Instead enjoy the extra social battery courtesy of this Air sign.


27 December 11:33 am – Full Cold Moon in Cancer

It seems only right that we close out the year with the heartfelt and compassionate energy of Cancer. This Moon will have us feel particularly nostalgic.


Photo by filmplusdigital on Unsplash

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