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Theragun G4 PRO 2020 massage gun review: does it work?

Theragun G4 PRO 2020 massage gun review: does it work?

Theragun Pro Gen 4 massage gun

It used to be that fancy medical gadgets like the Theragun massage gun were reserved for your physiotherapist. But now that high tech is for everyone, you can keep a Theragun Pro in your gym bag and it’s no big deal. In our review, we ask: does it work, and is this premium massage gun worth the price?

Theragun PRO review: how does it work?

First things first: I’m no doctor, and none of this is medical advice. If you want a doctor’s take on the Theragun, you should consult yours.

Onto the Theragun Pro: a power drill for your body.

There’s nothing worse than the day-two strain and pain following a weights session. It’s the sort of deterrent that turns a lesser gym junkie (read: me) off from ever going back. 

The Theragun range of “percussive therapy” devices is designed to cut both your level of discomfort and your recovery time.

It uses high-amplitude pulses to work your muscles after a workout and reduce recovery time, meaning you can get back into the gym sooner getting them #gainz.

It’s not a device you should sit with on the couch through a whole season of Netflix, however. Therabody – the company behind Theragun – recommends you don’t overuse your device. You’re meant to use your Theragun for a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of two minutes per muscle group. A full-body session, Therabody says, shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes.

A number of attachments come in the box to ensure you can target a range of muscle groups around the body and achieve a variety of results.

Theragun PRO review: does it work?

There’s a lot to be said for just how effective the Theragun Pro is at relieving aches and pains achieved in the gym.

You don’t have to be a professional to get the most out of the Theragun Pro, either. A handy app shows you where to stick it, and for how long. It guides you through sessions with the right attachments to make sure you get what you need out of your pricy fitness gadget.

What I found amazing, also, was that you don’t need to be a hardcore gym junkie to get use out of it. Because I’m north of 30-years-old, I only need to sit wrong for an hour before I put my neck into some kind of muscular crisis. The Theragun Pro was great when I transitioned into a permanent work-from-home environment to ease the strain caused by sitting in a weird new position everyday.

The Theragun Pro isn’t a chore, either. Against all odds, it’s relaxing. 

Plus, the fact that you don’t need to use it for long takes it from being a fitness-related chore into a little treat for your sore muscles.

And for what is ostensibly a power drill for your body, it packs an unreal design. The new PRO model also includes an OLED screen for rich blacks, but given it’s still just a basic readout, I’m not sure what it’s for. 

The new design is also distinctively quieter than older models so you won’t wake the neighbours when you get relief, either.

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Theragun PRO review: should you buy it?

This is the Mack Daddy of fitness gadgets. Forget the bands, watches and smart gadgets. The Theragun Pro is what you get if you’re the captain of the swole patrol. 

It’s a device designed to cut down recovery time dramatically so you can keep chasing those gains faster and harder.

It’s less for the weekend-warriors and more for the ‘crossfit-is-my-job’ types. As a result, it may not be for everyone. 

That’s ok though, because Theragun has something for everyone in its 2020 range. While the $899 Pro is for the hardcore crowd, something like the $199 Theragun Mini – which fits into even your smallest gym bag – is perfect for those who just rejoined the gym after COVID lockdown.

Theragun PRO: pricing

The 4th-gen Theragun Pro was released in May 2020.

Theragun Pro 4th-generation: $899 AU / $599 US

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