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The best Rob Roy cocktail recipe from an expert

The best Rob Roy cocktail recipe from an expert

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Sure, you might have had a Rob Roy in the past, but nothing beats a mixologist’s twist. Here’s the best Rob Roy cocktail recipe according to an expert.

Luke Hopewell is a renowned drinker. If it mixes, pours or pairs, Luke has tried it and has his thoughts. If you’ve got a question for Redaktor’s mixologist-in-chief, send him an email: [email protected].

What is a Rob Roy?

A Rob Roy is a scotch whiskey-based cocktail, with a twist of vermouth and bitters for good measure. 

It takes its name from the Scottish outlaw, Rob Roy, who was a 17th Century Robin Hood-like character. His story has been told in folklore and films for centuries.

It’s alleged that a bartender at the Waldorf Hotel, New York, invented the Rob Roy cocktail at the turn of the 20th century.

The cocktail was dubbed the Rob Roy in honour of a local play loosely based on the famed Scottish outlaw himself.

How to make a basic Rob Roy

The basic Rob Roy is simple:


  • 60mL scotch whiskey;
  • 30mL vermouth
  • Dash of bitters


  • Combine the ingredients into a mixing glass, and stir over ice to combine. 

See? Easy. Like a Scottish Manhattan.

But to really master a Rob Roy that will knock your Tartan socks off, you need to consult the experts. 

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We spoke to the booze boffins at Glen Grant about how to make the best version of the whiskey staple.

How to make an advanced Rob Roy

Here’s the best Rob Roy cocktil recipe from an expert. It’s called the Arboralis Rob Roy, based on the Glen Grant Whiskey of the same name.


  • 60mL of Glen Grant Arboralis single malt scotch whiskey 
  • 20mL of Cinzano 1757 Vermouth di Torino Rosso
  • 10mL Cinzano Bitter Vermouth
  • A dash of Orange Bitters
  • Ice
  • Lemon peel


  • In a mixing glass, pour the ingredients over ice and stir until combined. 
  • Taste along the way to ensure you haven’t over diluted your cocktail with melting ice.
  • Strain your cocktail into a compete or stemmed glass
  • Garnish with essential oils from a lemon peel.

The pros also recommend to pair this with a snack board of chocolate coated raisins, Corella pair and a soft cheese for maximum effect.

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