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All Ovolo Hotel restaurants are now vegetarian-only

All Ovolo Hotel restaurants are now vegetarian-only

Ovolo Hotel Canberra lobby bar at night

Fancy getting a bite at a hotel chain you know will only serve you vegetarian options? Ovolo Hotels are catering just for you.

It’s tough going out as a vegetarian. There are so few options – especially at hotels – that can cater specifically to your needs. 

Ovolo Hotels has been experimenting for some time with vegetarian-only restaurants in its hotels. Not simply designed to service the vegetarian crowd, but also to bring in meat-lovers at the same time.

Now Ovolo will continue to cater to the vegetarian crowd, not simply for the fans, but for the environment too.

From February, many of Ovolo’s properties will start (or continue) to offer vegetarian-led dining options.

This change, inspired by a growing consumer interest in the health advantages of a plant-based diet, is an expression of Ovolo’s dedication to meeting customer expectations while also promoting a ‘eat healthy to feel good’ mentality.

This is the second year in a row that Ovolo will offer exclusively vegetarian dining in its restaurants. It’s one year after its “Year of the Veg” campaign from October 2020 that brought vegetarian-only dining to its flagship restaurants.

You’ll now be able to dine on the vegetarian-only menu at Ovolo restaurants including:

  • ZA ZA TA, Ovolo The Valley, Brisbane
  • Monster Kitchen & Bar, Ovolo Nishi, Canberra
  • Lona Misa, Ovolo South Yarra, Melbourne
  • Veda, Ovolo Central, Hong Kong
  • Alibi Bar and Kitchen, Ovolo Woolloomooloo

Ian Curley is Ovolo Group’s Creative Culinary Partner, and says that the move was so successful it had to be expanded for a second year running.

“The one big lesson we have learned from our bold experiment: never underestimate your guests. A key focus for us has been ensuring we are creating something that still appeals to everyone – from vegans to flexitarians, and those who are simply keen on expanding their palette. 

“We are lucky enough to be working with some incredible suppliers across the rollout who share our passion for offering nutritious, delicious and sustainable food solutions,” he said.

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While you’re there, you’ll also be able to pick out a beverage from the mind of Andrea Gualdini – formerly of Maybe Sammy. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Finally, Ovolo is getting even greener by binning its non-sustainable items in the bathrooms.

Gone are single use bathroom amenity plastics, replaced instead with re-fillable, tamper-free pump HDPE recyclable bottles. Upstairs, the hotels themselves will also introduce reusable woven bags for slippers, and  biodegradable materials in laundry bags and packaging.

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