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Withings Body Scan is the ultimate home fitness gadget

Withings Body Scan is the ultimate home fitness gadget

Withings Body Scan scale with app

So you’ve got a smart scale? That don’t impress me much. If you want the ultimate home fitness gadget, you’ll be looking for the Withings Body Scan.

The Withings Body Scan is an all-in-one home health centre developed by doctors who specialise in cardio, neuro and metabolic conditions.

It’s designed to be your one-stop-shop for at-home health info. Y’know, if you’re a real fitness or health junkie.

Whereas other Withings smart scales can measure your weight and even BMI, the Body Scan is about much, much more.

It’s a device that measures and tracks your heart rhythm, nerve activity, segmental body composition and vascular age.

All of these metrics are used by hardcore sports professionals to detect the slightest change in an athlete’s body as they train and build themselves up.

It spots muscle imbalances, tracks localised fat findings (and their associated heart risks) and tracks your heart health via a 6-lead ECG.

Oh and it tracks your weight too.Withings Body Scan scale

It does all this via a bunch of sensors: four weight sensors pair with 14 ITO electrodes in the base, and 4 stainless steel electrodes in the handle measure you up top.

These sensors pass a safe and small electrical charge around your body to detect the slightest change in your body as you train. It’s how the pros do it, but now for your home.

The best part is that the Body Scale – even with all its measurement gear – has a battery life that Withings reckons will last you a whole year without recharging.

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You’ll get the information on your measurements via a 3.2-inch HD screen. If you’re like me, you’ll want it on the Withings app instead.

Withings Body Scan: price and availability

Withings announced the new Body Scan product at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. That means we don’t have a specific date for release or price.

What Withings told us, however, is that you can expect this picture-perfect fitness gadget in the “second half of 2022”.

The new Body Scan from Withings is available in both black and white when it goes on sale.

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