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9 best go karting tracks in Sydney

9 best go karting tracks in Sydney

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Whether you’re looking to throw a go kart party or just get your hours up on the track, these are the best go karting tracks near you in Sydney.

You might be someone looking to experience the thrills and spills of a new track. Or you might just be someone looking to get into a rumble with mates as part of a rowdy outing.

All of these listings include kart and helmet hire.

Sydney Premier Karting Park

Eastern Creek

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If you have the need for speed, Eastern Creek is the spot for you.

They only use 13 horsepower karts capable of 100km/h speeds. And you run on a sticky outdoor track for maximum grip.

It’s the one of the best racing experiences you can have in a tiny kart!

Luddenham Raceway



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Luddenham Raceway is the newest karting track in Sydney. Right next door to the new Western Sydney Airport site, it’s an outdoor track with a tonne of exciting features.

Not only does it have karting, you can also play paintball and test your mettle with your real car at the adjacent motorsport park.

Also, it takes cryptocurrency as payment if you’re a future coin fiend.

Extreme Indoor Go Karting Sydney



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What’s better than one race track? Three race tracks.

The Extreme Indoor Go Karting arena can convert into three different tracks depending on the day you go.

The 500m long track is reshaped for rookies, speed-lovers and corner fiends.

Plus, it has a bridge you can cross at full-speed, which feels awesome on a smaller indoor track.

Picton Karting Track



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Another one for speedsters, the Picton Karting Track is outdoor, and uses 17 horsepower karts. That yields a top-speed of 110km/h (depending on your weight, of course).

Of course, there are karts for kids that pack just 9 horsepower.

And if you’re tired of driving, there’s always mini-golf!

Ultimate Karting Sydney

Smeaton Grange


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If it’s pouring outside, you can still get your kart on at spots like Ultimate Karting.

With 9 horsepower karts that hit up to 60km/h, you’ll enjoy tight corners, fast straights and heavy braking zones.

Hyper Karting Sydney

Moore Park


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Club Med Kiroro Resort

The newest indoor karting track, Hyper Karting is your spot if you don’t want to travel too far out of town.

With lights, sounds and a wild course, it’s a ripping good time.

Fastlane Karting



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Fastlane is a gloriously wide outdoor track with fast, freshly painted karts that look great when you’re wheel-to-wheel.

Fastlane Karting also has a series of league events for men and women, where you can take part in ranked races.

Spitfire Go Karts

Concord West


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If you’re an inner-Westie, Spitfire is the spot for you.

You can practice on the racing simulators, before getting behind the wheel on a fun and slidey indoor track.




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Most go karts are petrol-powered thrill machines. At e-karts, you’re powered by batteries and electrifying speed. 

You’ll hit speeds of up to 85km/h with an incredible torque curve thanks to the electric motor.


Can you bring your own helmet?

So long as your helmet is Australian Standards certified, you should be ok to bring your own helmet.

Just make sure by calling your selected karting venue first to make sure you can BYO.

Is there real-life Super Mario Kart in Sydney?

Every now and then, a company will stage a tribute to Mario Kart.

Sydney’s last Mario Kart event was in 2018, and it didn’t go great. Since then, there hasn’t been a Mario Kart tribute event in Sydney.

That shouldn’t stop you from wearing a Luigi costume while you drive, however.

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