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How to get a Coachella lifetime pass

How to get a Coachella lifetime pass

Coachella Collectible Key Collection screenshots

Fancy getting your hands on a lifetime Coachella pass? You’ll need to get into NFTs to do so. Here’s what you need to know about Coachella’s new NFT “collectibles”.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a “one-of-a-kind” digital token that you can buy or sell. 

The ownership of an NFT is done via the blockchain for security and stability. 

Ownership in this instance of a Coachella NFT grants the holder certain privileges both at the festival and outside of it.

Many companies have “minted” NFTs, offering the purchasers not only a piece of art or “token”, but also physical experiences for the owner. 

Australian wine legends, Penfolds, for example offered an NFT of its MacGill Cellar 2021 vintage which entitled the bearer to a whole barrel of the rare wine.

It’s similar to what Coachella is doing with its NFT.

What are Coachella Collectibles?

Coachella is offering three NFT “collections”. 

Each collection entitles the owner to various experiences in and around the festival every year. There are 13 NFTs on sale across the three collections.

The big collection that will grab everyone’s attention is the Coachella Keys collection. This collection includes 10 “keys” that entitle the owner to lifetime Coachella passes. 

In addition, owners of Coachella Keys NFTs will each be given their own unique experiences to pair with the annual pass.

There’s a VIP key (#10), which gets you access to a private, fully-stocked trailer in the VIP section in 2022. Then there’s the Key to the Safari (#2), which scores you an exclusive air-conditioned safari tent for your use each year. 

Key #5 gets you access to a “secret party”; key #6 gets you an artist-only view at the Sahara stage each year, and key #9 gets you an annual invite to the privately catered dinner on the festival grounds.

The keys are numbered one to 10. Key #1, however, opens all the doors. The bearer is entitled to all of the experiences offered but the other keys, as well as the lifetime Coachella pass.

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If you’re not going for the one-of-a-kind key, however, you can still get in on the Coachella NFT action.

The other two collections feature one NFT each, and offer unique art experiences by festival-endorsed artists. These are on sale right now for USD$180 and USD$60 respectively.

The Desert Reflections NFT collection will score you a piece of art from Emek, and a limited-edition photobook of Coachella over the ages. 

Finally, the Sights and Sounds Collection will net you one of 10 digital collectibles of never before seen or heard Coachella history.

The Coachella Keys NFTs go on sale from Friday, February 4th at 10am PT at FTXUS.

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If you score a lifetime ticket, you’ll become a seasoned expert on the festival. If you’re a first-timer, however, check out our guide to doing Coachella for the first time.

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