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American Express wants to give you $400 for lavish nights out

American Express wants to give you $400 for lavish nights out

An American Express Platinum card in front of a pool at a luxury hotel

Fancy a night out on the town? Platinum American Express customers can score a date night with their card’s latest offer: the American Express Global Dining Credit.

What’s on offer?

American Express offers its card members special offers from time to time. These offers include cash off your petrol bill, or your latest purchase at Net-a-Porter/Mr Porter.

Each offer usually kicks in after a certain spend. All of it offsets the annual card fee.

The latest one to come through the card is one of the best offers for 2022.

It’s called the Global Dining Credit Benefit. Basically, American Express is paying for two date nights: one in Australia, and one abroad.

American Express’ team of pro concierge have curated 1400 restaurants in 20 countries so you can explore the culinary highlights of the world.

Now that international travel restrictions have been lifted for most countries (let’s be honest, Europe), you can enjoy a lavish night out on the town both before you leave and when you arrive.

The offer nabs you $200 of dining credit on your domestic dining adventure, and $200 of international dining credit.

You can check the list of restaurants available by country on the American Express World of Dining site. You can also find the terms and conditions of the offer on the same page.

If you need me, I’ll be checking restaurants in Paris.

How can I check if I have this offer on my card?

Want to cop this offer for yourself? I don’t blame you. I already have.

Right now it only seems to be targeted at American Express Platinum customers. If you have a metal card that makes a good noise when you slap it on the table for Friday drinks (you know you do it), listen up.

Log onto your AMEX Australia app, and once logged in, navigate to the “Offers” tab at the bottom of your screen.

Alternatively, you can log in via your web browser and accept the offer here.

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The offer is only available to primary cardholders, so if you have a second card on the same account, it won’t show up for you. 

How do I get an American Express Platinum card?

If you want in, you can take up the American Express Platinum card and score bonus points when you sign up.

You score a boatload of special access offers, including automatic top tier loyalty bonuses with hotel chains and car rental agencies to make your next trip smoother than ever.

It does come with a $1450 annual card fee, but our offer will snag you a bonus 200,000 American Express points. Disclaimer: we score some points too when you sign up as a hat-tip from American Express. You can spend these points with American Express or convert them to an airline loyalty program like Qantas or Singapore Airlines (conversion rates are different across the board).

Obviously, none of this is financial advice, and you should consider your individual circumstances before signing up for a credit product.

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