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Ace Hotel Sydney’s new restaurants: what to expect

Ace Hotel Sydney’s new restaurants: what to expect

Ace Hotel dining and design team sitting on granite blocks

Ace Hotel Sydney is about to throw open its doors. Here’s everything you need to know about the dining options available.

Ahead of opening night, the Ace Hotel Sydney has brought together a world class team for Kiln, its wood-fired rooftop restaurant placed high above Surry Hills. You also get access to the new lobby bar and restaurant, LOAM.

The Ace Hotel Sydney has assembled a crack team of local restauranteurs, designers and curators to create a unique experience for the new spaces.

The restaurant and bar on the ground floor will debut at the same time as the hotel opens in Autumn 2022, with Kiln following shortly after.

Here’s what to expect.


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Kiln: glass-walled, rooftop restaurant

The restaurant’s name is a tribute to the Tyne House brick factory, which was built over one of Australia’s first ceramic kilns and was previously known as Ace Hotel Sydney. It is open nightly for dinner service and on weekends for brunch.

The innovative Mitch Orr is the Chef-Partner of the kitchen, with renowned Melbourne-based interior designer Fiona Lynch serving as the space’s design partner. Mike Bennie, a vocal supporter of Australian beverages, is involved in the hotel’s beverage selections.


Mitch Orr, the restaurant’s head chef and partner, uses umami tastes such as soy, fish sauce, dashi, and dried mushrooms.

He’ll says he’ll harness the open flame, smoke, and smolder of the kitchen’s wood-burning grill at Kiln. The complete menu is meant to be shared, with ingredients that are responsibly sourced during the seasons.

Mitch says that fire plays a big part in the flavours at Kiln:

“You can do so much more than just grill on a fire – char and smoke will play a big part in the menu, whether in the building of rich, umami sauces, or to lightly touch proteins and vegetables left to cook in the residual heat of the grill. The menu will be structured around sharing — heavy on snacks to start, before moving into a raw section, and then the larger vegetable and protein-led dishes — all with lots of bright acidity to finish the dish, which is exactly the way you want to eat in the open space”


The glass-walled restaurant at Kiln features panoramic views of the neighborhood and two large terraces with fully retractable ceilings.

Melbourne-based interior designer Fiona Lynch is the design partner for the Kiln space.

Her challenge? Make the space feel distinctly Australian. She took inspiration from legendary Italian-Australian architect Enrico Taglietti’s ground-breaking work in the 1970s.

She collaborated with skilled Australian creators and artists, including Studio Henry Wilson for lighting.

You’ll also see a wide selection of sustainable local materials, including Balmoral green and Harlequin granite, Huon pine, and stringybark eucalyptus.

Fiona worked with Spacecraft Studio to create a bespoke painted linen with a pigment derived from materials recovered during the property’s construction excavation. This linen, hung as curtains at the restaurant’s walls, ties it firmly to both Australia and its home in Surry Hills.

LOAM: a chic lobby all-day eatery

The LOAM restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is on the ground floor. A coffee shop and a Lobby bar that features local producers are also on site.

LOAM, a sister restaurant to the Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles. It’ll serve a laid-back all-day cuisine of local and regional seasonal produce as well as sustainable meats and seafood. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served at LOAM on a daily basis. Draft wine is also available at the coffee shop. Sydney’s own Mecca Coffee is used in addition to other local roasters such as Double M Farms.

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The Lobby aspires to be a friendly meeting place for both locals and tourists. In addition to snacks and small plates, the bar menu will include wines by the glass, craft beers, and cocktails. The Lobby will also provide open-to-all artist and cultural activities on a regular basis.

The wine list

Mike Bennie is a connoisseur, and the brains behind the drinks at The Ace Hotel Sydney.

He was the co-founder and partner of P&V Wine + Liquor Merchants, as well as a founding member of the Drink Easy Awards, and contributes to the wine and beverage industry extensively.

Mike will lead opening day drink menus for each of Ace Hotel Sydney’s four restaurant and bar locations, bringing his knowledge to the table.

“I’m stoked to have the opportunity to create a drinks program that’s truly reflective of the current state of Australian drinks, with a sense of fun and wonderment that engenders a sense of community around the hotel and its spaces – and is as inclusive as the hotel itself. I’m very privileged to have access to so many incredible producers, small runs of drinks and have made a commitment to unearthing new and exciting things that will form a part of the ever-changing menus at Ace Hotel Sydney.”

When does the Ace Hotel Sydney open?


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Reservations beginning May 1st, 2022 are available for booking at, with high season rates starting at $359 AUS.

If you book ahead of the hotel’s opening and use the promo code SYDNEY, you’ll be eligible for a small room at a $250/night rate! Tell them Redaktor sent you.

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