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Seiko’s Australia limited collection: everything you need to know

Seiko’s Australia limited collection: everything you need to know

Seiko Prospex Australasian collection watch on a bed of eucalyptus leaves

Seiko’s love for Australia is no secret. But now it’s going to a whole new level, with the new Australasian Limited Edition Prospex collection. Here’s what you need to know.

Seiko unveiled the new Prospex at an event in Queensland, Australia this week. Both timepieces are gorgeous tributes to Australia’s sun, sea and natural beauty.

And, both contribute to its ecological protection. Every Prospex series model sold sees Seiko contribute to various marine conservation projects around the world.

Here’s what you need to know.

Seiko Prospex Eucalyptus SRPJ53K Limited Edition

Seiko Prospex Australasian collection watch in green

It’s quite a mouthful, but on the wrist, the new SRPJ53K ‘Eucalyptus’ edition Prospex looks incredible.

Green-dialled watches are massively on-trend right now. I love that there’s an Aussie-inspired model to add to the collection.

The dial draws inspiration from Australia’s unique gum trees to feature an earthy green finish. Instead of a flat green, the polished dial gives off its green hue in a burst, brightest at its centre.

The starburst colour and finish is almost reminiscent of the new Omega Seamaster Aqua Terre 150m we saw earlier this year in Miami.

The green is offset by the yellow second hand. Seiko says the colour is designed to mimic the “veins seen on the Eucalyptus leaf”.

Seiko Prospex Australasian collection watch in green

The Eucalyptus-inspired green continues onto the bezel, only it’s deeper here. It’s accented by the numerals that make you instantly recognise it’s a Prospex.

Offset against the silver of the case, the Eucalyptus does the famed Aussie flora justice.

And of course, the iconic Seiko Prospex day and date calendar sits comfortable at the three-o’clock position.

The bracelet is three links across, with a polished steel finish in-between. And because Australia is an active nation, the new Noosa Prospex will come with an additional dark green rubber strap in the box.

Inside you’ll find the automatic calibre 4R36 movement. First introduced in 2019, the 4R36 is recognised for its precision as an automatic movement. Perfect for tracking how long until beer o’clock in the Aussie sun. It’ll net you around 40 hours on the power reserve.

Seiko Prospex Eucalyptus edition: price, release date

Seiko Prospex Australasian collection watch in its retail box

The Eucalyptus Prospex is available from September 2022.

You can expect to pay $895 to get one on your wrist.

Better be quick, though: only 1000 Eucalyptus Prospex models will be sold. Form an orderly queue at your nearest Seiko Boutique or Seiko authorised retailer.

PS: if you’re looking to check out a great new boutique experience, try the new Sydney boutique. Recently opened by Japan’s Ambassador to Australia, it’s a great retail experience.

Seiko Prospex Noosa SPB347J Limited Edition

Seiko Prospex Australasian collection watch in blue

Inspired by the “graceful motion” of the waters in Noosa, Queensland, the new Limited Edition Prospex is striking.

A soft texture that moves horizontally across the blue dial makes you think of cool waters every time you look at your wrist. And the dial is a gradated colour, moving from darker blue hues to lighter blue as you look down the timepiece.

The second hand features soft yellow hues, reminiscent of a sunset over Laguna Bay, Queensland as it ticks around the dial.

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The bezel is a two-toned black and blue affair. You’ll get black from 12-o’clock to two-o’clock, with ocean blues completing the rest of the rotation.

The Noosa features a date window at the three-o’clock position. But there’s no day function on the Noosa, unlike the Eucalyptus Prospex we looked at above.

The bracelet is a slightly chunkier affair on the Noosa. It’s still a three-link bracelet, but doesn’t feature the lustre of the Eucalpytus. In fact, it’s a dark metal polish on the links in-between the bracelet.

To make sure you don’t damage it when you’re out on the water, Seiko is also including a blue rubber strap in the box for your outings.

For watch nerds, the Noosa Prospex is packing a different movement to the Eucalyptus model. Instead of the 4R36 automatic, you get the calibre 6R35. It features a new mainspring and a couple of different parts under the hood.

For the layman, this basically means you get slightly higher precision in your timekeeping, and a 55-hour power reserve.

For that reason, the Noosa edition is slightly more expensive than the Eucalyptus edition.

Seiko Prospex Noosa edition: price, release date

Seiko Prospex Australasian collection watch in its retail box

The Seiko Prospex Noosa edition will cost you $1500. A few factors contribute to the higher price compared to its green sibling, including a different bracelet and movement as I mentioned above.

Again, these watches are limited. The Noosa will only see 1000 models minted. Expect them to sell out!

It’s also available from September 2022 at Seiko Boutiques and your nearest Seiko authorised retailer.

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